Sony NX810

Sony Nx810 Review

Everything you need to know about the Sony NX810 is on this website for you. A video review is included and I also explained all the features for this unit.

The real customer feedback and any drawbacks for this new Sony NX810 TV Series are listed at the end of this Review.

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Sony NX810 Review | My analysis

This is a unit that I personally loved as it has all the features I needed and I was tired of my old LCD TV so transitioning to the Sony NX810 55 inches was a great experience. It is a very slim, sleek (glass made) and good looking TV, has pretty much less reflection, consumes less power than the conventional LCD’s, more environmentally friendly since the Sony NX810 series doesn’t use mercury, 3D compatible and the image quality is outstanding.

Sony NX810 is available in three sizes : 46 (KDL-46NX810), 55 (KDL-55NX810) and 60 (KDL-60NX810) inches.

Image Quality

Sony have always produced quality televisions and the Sony NX810 series is not an exception. This is a Full HD 1080p resolution TV, uses the advanced dynamic LED backlighting technology for optimized contrast levels, sharp and vibrant images as it has a more precise control of the LED, which is better than the old edge-lit technology where the brightness was inconsistent. There’s no more clouding or flashlighting or other inconsistent bright areas in the picture. The blacks are deep and the luminous scenes are vivid, but not over-bright or over-saturated.

The Sony NX810 has also a great Full HD 1080p 3D capability which is very practical, you can change from 2D to 3D or vice versa with a push of a button on your remote.

Now, with the Sony NX810 Motionflow PRO 240Hz technology you can say goodbye to the blurry fast-action images as it drastically reduces the blur and increases the frame rate by 100% compared to the traditional LCD’s, making the images exceptionally  nicer and smoother certainly improving the viewing experience.

In addition, the BRAVIA Engine 3 (the most advanced video processor from Sony) provides an exceptional, life-like image with more details, reduced noise, flawless contrast and colors.

Furthermore, the new monolithic and innovative Sony NX810 OptiContrast panel not only protects the screen and gives a gorgeous touch to the TV but also makes the graphics contemplation even better (the images appear to float on top of the glass adding a true sense of depth) and it also improves the image accuracy to ensure nothing distracts your viewing experience while it reduces glare and reflection.

Concluding, Sony Nx810′s  Bravia Engine 3, the Motionflow PRO 240Hz and the Dynamic LED Backlighting technologies makes this unit remarkable, with a perfect contrast, crystal clear pictures and a great 3D presentation, perfect for movies and games or anything you want to watch. Below, a Sony NX810 Review video:

sony nx810 review features

Sony NX810 Review | The TV Connections

  • 4 HDMI (2 side, 2 rear; HDMI PC input capability)
  • 1 Component (at the side)
  • 2 Composite A/V (1 at the side, 1 rear shared with component)
  • 1 Ethernet
  • 1 RF (rear)
  • 1 USB 2.0 (at the side)
  • 1 PC input 15-pin, D-Sub (at the side)
  • 3 Analog audio inputs (2 at the side, 1 rear)
  • 1 Digital audio output optical

Internet Connection (WI-FI included)

The Sony NX810 built-in WI-FI connection (wireless-N) works pretty fine, granting an even easier and cleaner-look way to access your online entertainment such as movies, photos, music, videos, apps like YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Slacker, Cranckle and more.

The Amazon Instant Video alone can provide you more than 50,000 movies and TV shows directly to your Sony NX810, including new release movies as soon as they’re in DVD and TV shows the day after they air and with thousands of titles available on HD.

YouTube is surprisingly easy to use on Sony NX810. Cranckle has a lot of stuff owned by Sony which you are permitted to watch at any time, like TV series and movies. At Slacker (an audio app) you can build customized radio stations simply by typing a band or song that you like and the service will start build a radio station around that band or song. You can turn the Sony NX810 screen off or display a slide art while Slacker plays. I never used Pandora but it may work the same way.


LED TV’s naturally spend less energy than LCD or plasma TV’s but the Sony NX810 series economizes even more as it is packed up with a Energy Saving Switch that gets rid of the undesired standby energy consumption without having to unplug your TV. Simply turn off the Energy Saving Switch  and the TV will no longer draw energy from the plug.

Another feature that might also save some more energy from the Sony NX810  is the LightSensor Technology that increase or decrease the level of brightness automatically based on your room’s level of light. If you dim the lights to watch something or play a game, the sensor dims the backlight as well, helping to reduce unnecessary power consumption from your Sony NX810.


What Are The Customers Saying About it?

Every time I want to buy something new I always like to discover what customers are saying about that product. Looking at the customer feedback for the Sony NX810 almost all of it was pretty positive. I have included some quotes from popular shopping sites, most from Amazon, so you get an idea:

“Absolutely the best picture I have seen in a LED TV…”

“I just picked this TV up last month and have been blown away by it every day since…”

“I’m very pleased with the TV. It is everything I hoped it would be. It took a week or so to get used to the size, but I’m so glad I got the 55″ set…”

“The picture quality of this TV is awesome. It is more Life like picture compare to other TVs. I loved it…”


I think it’s just correct to make a list here with some of the drawbacks for the Sony NX810, because no unit is perfect. Despite the fact that this is minor in my research I did come across some people mentioning this, which is that they expected better speakers. For a slim LED TV, the sound of the Sony NX810 is pretty much the same compared to it’s competitors. So I personally think this is not a big deal.

One other minor drawback on the Sony NX810 is that you have to use the glasses to watch 3D movies, though watching 3D without glasses is a feature for televisions that are not even on the market yet. So I for one don’t bother.

Some other people complain about the lack of 3D content in the market, this is a temporally issue though, as with time more and more 3D compatible movies and games will be launched very fast for TV’s such as Sony NX810.

Where Can I Get the Best Price?

I searched all over at prices and compared the best deals on Sony Nx810 as the price for this unit varies a lot. Amazon currently have it listed starting at $1,350 (46 inches) which is the best deal by a long shot, you can end up saving about $100 shopping there. You can check it out yourself over at Amazon and also find more real customer reviews.

I hope my Sony NX810 Review helped you out make a decision.

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